Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It certainly is time.

There is a new banner outside city hall today.
It says 'Speak Up Winnipeg - It's Time We Had A Talk'
Well, what the hell took so long? Sammy has been Mayor for 5 flippin' years! And he only wants to talk now?
He has tried time and time again to give away everything we as citizens own...where was the conversation then?
When Sam and his cronies closed the Kelvin Community Club against the will of the community...why didn't he listen when they had something to say?
When he decided to cut the business tax to the tune of 56 million dollars...the business community said No but Sam didn't listen.
When Councillor Vandal introduced conflict of interest legislation, Sam certainly didn't have time to talk then. Fortunately, the Premier did.

The 'Ladder of Citizen Participation' has 8 rungs. Manipulation, Therapy, Informing, Consultation, Placation, Partnership, Delegated Power and Citizens Control.

"...if consulting them is not combined with other modes of participation, this rung of the ladder is still a sham since it offers no assurance that citizen concerns and ideas will be taken into account. The most frequent methods used for consulting people are attitude surveys, neighborhood meetings, and public hearings."

This is the problem. Sure, we can have all the talks (lecture?) you want but when Phil Sheegal and Alex Robinson get the final say and disregard any input not only from the public but from their own planners, administrators and even elected officials, it's a sham. Plain and simple.

This talk should have happened years ago. Let's make sure that speakupwinnipeg.com becomes an important tool in citizen participation and not a tool to placate us.

This should start in 2010 with a new Mayor. It's about time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wine-Soaked Mid-Week Post

So, buddy steals a bus and drives himself home. Don't think the idea hasn't crossed my mind. OK, not really, but here's the scoop...busses stop running too early and cabs are too expensive!
Just the other day I was enjoying some local music at Times Changed. The kickass band (Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices, get to know them) didn't finish playing till about 1:30am Saturday morning. The last bus leaves downtown at aprx. 1:25 (that goes anywhere past the Concert Hall). So, the choice was walking or hailing taxi. My lazy ass chose the cab. So, from St. Mary and Main to Henderson and Johnson it was over $8!!! Really? For a 5 minute ride? It makes you wonder if Shammy is getting a kickback!
So, let's run transit busses till 2:30 a.m. and not only will us drunken hillbilly's not have to walk but the drunken North Kildonan kids won't have to drive and kill one of our friends.
Hmm...1st Campaign issue???

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meer-Katz? (This is an actual press release from the City of Winnipeg)

WINNIPEG - March 25, 2009 - After repeated introductory attempts, the Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Slender-tailed Meerkats have finally formed a compatible group. Often seen on television advertisements and nature shows because of their charming antics, Meerkats are so colonial that it is notoriously difficult to add new individuals into an established group. In October 2008, the Zoo brought in five females from Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida, to join three lonely bachelor males in Winnipeg. Prior to introduction, all eight animals and the enclosure were dusted with scented baby powder in the hopes of confusing individual recognition.

During eight weeks of growling and squabbling, two females and one male were ejected from the new group. The compatible individuals (two males and three females) are back on display in the Kinsmen Discovery Center. Mating has been observed and young may be produced later this spring. Offspring will be sent to other Canadian facilities.

The Zoo first imported Meerkats in 1988, but needed to acquire unrelated individuals to keep the colony going. The Slender-tailed Meerkat is related to mongooses and is native to the savannas of southern Africa, where individuals take turns standing on guard on top of a termite mound to watch for approaching predators. The Meerkats have been one of the Zoo’s most-popular exhibits because of their charming features and fascinating behaviour. This species may live up to 20 years in captivity.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


1.) Congratulations to John Orlikow, new City Councillor for River Heights.
It's good to have another 'comrade' in the courtyard.
2.) That being said, since when did 'socialist' become such a swear word for the right? Making sure our communities are sustainable, believing in people before profit and denouncing greed are BAD things? I think NOT!
3.) AIG gave bonuses to upper management with taxpayers money and people are surprised? I'm not surprised in the least. These oinkers didn't get rich by spending their own money. The privatization of profit and socialization of losses is a common them in capitalism. The only thing that disapoints me is that they are only having 90% of the bonuses taxed backed. It should be 125%+
4.) Ken Klassen made a fantastic presentation to EPC yesterday in regards to the Kenaston Big Box expansion project. When I get some video, I will post some tidbits of him punking out Sam from here to kingdom come. It made me smile!
5.)Listen...I know there is water in your backlane and I know 311 sucks. We are working on both.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

As we celebrate the day that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, I am very hopeful that a snake will be driven out of River Heights.

Geoff "I didn't know you were releasing the info" Currier.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mary Agnes Welch Hates Democracy

In her latest Blog, Mary Agnes asks why the Tory's and Liberals can't just get together to defeat the big, bad NDP. Hmmm....let's see....is it because both parties share the same ideology and only the NDP represents the best interests of the community? I would suggest yes. Sure, there are some issues of contention currently (Disraeli, infrastructure, graffitti, destruction of Community facilities) but those are civic issues that have been neglected by our Mayor and his lackeys. Yes, the Province can come up with the money but I hardly blame the NDP government fo not picking up funding shortfalls when Shammy Katz cuts business taxes and supports Triple P projects that will bankrupt our city!
Mary Agnes, put the blame where it rightly belongs, at the feet of the Mayor, not at a political party that is supported by the residents of Elmwood.
There have been 3 MLA's in the history of Elmwood. All have been CCF/NDP'ers and the 4th will be be no different because that's what people in Elmwood want. Myself included.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am rubber, you are glue...

I absolutely love starting my day off with news like this.
Remember when the Tory's were calling Jack Layton every name under the sun when Jack suggested we talk to the Taliban?
David Aikin posts a transcript from a media scrum on Parliament Hill yesterday, allow me to translate:

Reporter: Mr. Layton, your political opponents have been calling you "Taliban Jack". Now it looks like we've got "Taliban Barack Obama", "Taliban Stephen Harper". Are you getting some company on your side?

Layton: Well, I'm certainly pleased that the Prime Minister has come to accept the position we've advanced for quite some time now (Translation: In your face, Stevie! Once again I was right and you were wrong. You must be getting awfully tired of that. It happens so often now) that you've got to get involved in negotiations with elements of this insurgency known broadly as the Taliban because it's not a conflict that can ever be won militarily. Now that George Bush (Translation: That stupid redneck from the Republic of Texasville. I mean, that silly little man makes Chuck Norris look sane) is gone from the White House and Barack Obama is there, maybe these arguments have been a little more persuasive on our Prime Minister. (Translation: Maybe, but I certainly will not hold my breath. Tory's talk a lot but rarely will thhey act in the best interest of Canada, just the banks.)

This is what the NDP does best, gives a voice to those who can't speak up for themselves. Glad I could help, Jack.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Schadenfreude at it's finest.

John Tory is arguably one of the biggest losers in Canadian political history. (Excluding that guy who ran 60+ times and never won but that was more of an exercise in futility).
How does someone ruin Kim Campbell's illustrious run as Prime Minister, lose a mayoralty campaign after being accused of bribing his opponent to drop out of the race, WIN a leadership contest in Ontario by beating now Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, lose an election in his home riding of Don Valley west and then lose again in Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock when MPP, Laurie Scott, resigned to make way for Tory and he loses by 900+ votes when Ms. Scott had WON by 10,000?
Apparently, he will be resigning today. No Shit.
Back to the CFL for you!

Friday, February 27, 2009

That's all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeah, Just What We Need. A Business Councillor

While I certainly do NOT support THIS idea, maybe we could have a look at Regional councillors.
My idea? If we do have a Downtown (I would suggest Inner City as well) we should also have 1 councillor per quadrant elected by Winnipegers. North East and West as well as South East and West for a total of 6 new councillors.
Not only could we have a better balance but would still maintain the odd-number of councillors required by the City Of Winnipeg Act.
We could use the Vancouver system and elect them at large, having all citizens vote for the 6. Maybe even have them rotate what quadrant they represent every year or something. Less chance of an incumbent getting too entrenched in one area.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Security for 2010 Olympic games is $725 million higher than original estimate

Ok, hold on just one second. How does something like security , anything for that matter, go from 175 million to 900 million just like that?
And the absolute gall of B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen to suggest that he would have to cut healthcare and education funding if these costs were not met! And this might not even be the grand total?!?!

*gasp, gasp, gasp*

Phew...alright...this must have been a recent oversight...
WHAT?!? The RCMP gave them revised numbers in 2007?!?!

It's no wonder Gordon Campbell drinks so much.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This speaks volumes.

Winnipeg Fire Fighters Political Action Site

I really hope this site is down for maintenance or something.
If not, then they really need to tell their members why the rumour of them endorsing Geoff Currier for Council is floating around.

...and in other news, a pig flew through a frozen hell.

Gerbasi won one for the gipper!
This is soon to be the busiest person at City Hall. Word has it that the CAO will ask the province to expand the role of the Provincial Ombudsman to investigate City issues of conflict.
I like this idea. It takes away any power from the Mayor and EPC to find a candidate of THEIR choosing. Wether or not the Province will go for this is another matter. I am just worried that the CAO is blowing smoke and they will actually hire another of Scam's buddies to rule on these questionable business dealings.
Now, I just need to find out why Fielding and Browaty supported this...
Thanks for being in Hawaii, Clement and Cuba, Wyatt.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who's Priority?

I received a mail out from our illustrious (surely, erroneous) leader Stephen Harper today, entitled 'Our Country, Our Priority'.
It's the usual BS about who has the proper vision for Canada but with a very telling and frightening paragraph:
"That's why we're willing to work with everyone in Canada who shares our goal to keep this great nation strong and successful."
Translation? "If you disagree with us, you will be ostracized and made to look Un-Canadian"

Michaëlle Jean = Epic Fail.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Park it, Sammy!

OK, the City owns 3 parkades, all 3 are managed by Impark. The one at Portage and Main was briefly 'put up for sale' by Shindico, according to them to "determine the value of the property".
What made Shindico think that they were able to sell this 35 Million dollar piece of City owned property?
Let's read the last paragraph of Bartley Kives' article today:
"Shindico president Sandy Shindleman and executive vice-president Robert Shindleman sit on the board of Riverside Park Management, the non-profit organization that sublets city land to the Katz-owned Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball club."

How much longer is this garbage going to go on? Clearly, there must be a smoking gun to all of these questionable ties between a very select group of men. Are they THAT good as to appear shady but be proved legit time after time?
Dan Vandal hit the nail on the head. The City needs a complete and thorough audit. Now!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything starts with the first one.

Here we go!
All the chat has been of Mixed Martial Arts lately.
Councillor Nordman emerged from the basement to provide us with his two cents (and that is generally all it's worth). He doesn't think that MMA should be held in publicly funded facilities and that anyone who is yellow-slimy enough to attend this bloody display is a "ghoul".
Well, Grant, It's good to see that you have jumped on an issue. What's the matter? The Take-Pride calls have stopped?
Why do Tories think they can have it both ways? Less regulation or more regulation?
I don't want to debate the merits of MMA.
What I do want to debate is the questioning of holding these events in public run facilities like the Convention Center.
I don't support the Conservative Party of Canada (nor do 62% of Canadians) yet they were allowed to have their Federal Convention here! Can we just not ban the Conservative Party?
As far as being 'ghouls', well, as long as were not yellow-slimed ones I guess.