Friday, February 27, 2009

That's all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeah, Just What We Need. A Business Councillor

While I certainly do NOT support THIS idea, maybe we could have a look at Regional councillors.
My idea? If we do have a Downtown (I would suggest Inner City as well) we should also have 1 councillor per quadrant elected by Winnipegers. North East and West as well as South East and West for a total of 6 new councillors.
Not only could we have a better balance but would still maintain the odd-number of councillors required by the City Of Winnipeg Act.
We could use the Vancouver system and elect them at large, having all citizens vote for the 6. Maybe even have them rotate what quadrant they represent every year or something. Less chance of an incumbent getting too entrenched in one area.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Security for 2010 Olympic games is $725 million higher than original estimate

Ok, hold on just one second. How does something like security , anything for that matter, go from 175 million to 900 million just like that?
And the absolute gall of B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen to suggest that he would have to cut healthcare and education funding if these costs were not met! And this might not even be the grand total?!?!

*gasp, gasp, gasp*

Phew...alright...this must have been a recent oversight...
WHAT?!? The RCMP gave them revised numbers in 2007?!?!

It's no wonder Gordon Campbell drinks so much.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This speaks volumes.

Winnipeg Fire Fighters Political Action Site

I really hope this site is down for maintenance or something.
If not, then they really need to tell their members why the rumour of them endorsing Geoff Currier for Council is floating around.

...and in other news, a pig flew through a frozen hell.

Gerbasi won one for the gipper!
This is soon to be the busiest person at City Hall. Word has it that the CAO will ask the province to expand the role of the Provincial Ombudsman to investigate City issues of conflict.
I like this idea. It takes away any power from the Mayor and EPC to find a candidate of THEIR choosing. Wether or not the Province will go for this is another matter. I am just worried that the CAO is blowing smoke and they will actually hire another of Scam's buddies to rule on these questionable business dealings.
Now, I just need to find out why Fielding and Browaty supported this...
Thanks for being in Hawaii, Clement and Cuba, Wyatt.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who's Priority?

I received a mail out from our illustrious (surely, erroneous) leader Stephen Harper today, entitled 'Our Country, Our Priority'.
It's the usual BS about who has the proper vision for Canada but with a very telling and frightening paragraph:
"That's why we're willing to work with everyone in Canada who shares our goal to keep this great nation strong and successful."
Translation? "If you disagree with us, you will be ostracized and made to look Un-Canadian"

Michaƫlle Jean = Epic Fail.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Park it, Sammy!

OK, the City owns 3 parkades, all 3 are managed by Impark. The one at Portage and Main was briefly 'put up for sale' by Shindico, according to them to "determine the value of the property".
What made Shindico think that they were able to sell this 35 Million dollar piece of City owned property?
Let's read the last paragraph of Bartley Kives' article today:
"Shindico president Sandy Shindleman and executive vice-president Robert Shindleman sit on the board of Riverside Park Management, the non-profit organization that sublets city land to the Katz-owned Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball club."

How much longer is this garbage going to go on? Clearly, there must be a smoking gun to all of these questionable ties between a very select group of men. Are they THAT good as to appear shady but be proved legit time after time?
Dan Vandal hit the nail on the head. The City needs a complete and thorough audit. Now!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything starts with the first one.

Here we go!
All the chat has been of Mixed Martial Arts lately.
Councillor Nordman emerged from the basement to provide us with his two cents (and that is generally all it's worth). He doesn't think that MMA should be held in publicly funded facilities and that anyone who is yellow-slimy enough to attend this bloody display is a "ghoul".
Well, Grant, It's good to see that you have jumped on an issue. What's the matter? The Take-Pride calls have stopped?
Why do Tories think they can have it both ways? Less regulation or more regulation?
I don't want to debate the merits of MMA.
What I do want to debate is the questioning of holding these events in public run facilities like the Convention Center.
I don't support the Conservative Party of Canada (nor do 62% of Canadians) yet they were allowed to have their Federal Convention here! Can we just not ban the Conservative Party?
As far as being 'ghouls', well, as long as were not yellow-slimed ones I guess.