Thursday, February 19, 2009


Security for 2010 Olympic games is $725 million higher than original estimate

Ok, hold on just one second. How does something like security , anything for that matter, go from 175 million to 900 million just like that?
And the absolute gall of B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen to suggest that he would have to cut healthcare and education funding if these costs were not met! And this might not even be the grand total?!?!

*gasp, gasp, gasp*

Phew...alright...this must have been a recent oversight...
WHAT?!? The RCMP gave them revised numbers in 2007?!?!

It's no wonder Gordon Campbell drinks so much.


  1. Not only is the bill for security around a billion dollars, much higher than the original propaganda claimed, but the Olympics is causing businesses TO SHUT DOWN during the events. Small airlines to Vancouver Island have to run their passengers through Nanaimo, or Victoria, doubling the flight time for many local trips. This will have the effect of doubling the cost of many flights for NO GOOD REASON. The local horse racing oval will also be forced to shut down. How many other businesses will be damaged by the Olympics isn't clear.