Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Park it, Sammy!

OK, the City owns 3 parkades, all 3 are managed by Impark. The one at Portage and Main was briefly 'put up for sale' by Shindico, according to them to "determine the value of the property".
What made Shindico think that they were able to sell this 35 Million dollar piece of City owned property?
Let's read the last paragraph of Bartley Kives' article today:
"Shindico president Sandy Shindleman and executive vice-president Robert Shindleman sit on the board of Riverside Park Management, the non-profit organization that sublets city land to the Katz-owned Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball club."

How much longer is this garbage going to go on? Clearly, there must be a smoking gun to all of these questionable ties between a very select group of men. Are they THAT good as to appear shady but be proved legit time after time?
Dan Vandal hit the nail on the head. The City needs a complete and thorough audit. Now!

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