Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything starts with the first one.

Here we go!
All the chat has been of Mixed Martial Arts lately.
Councillor Nordman emerged from the basement to provide us with his two cents (and that is generally all it's worth). He doesn't think that MMA should be held in publicly funded facilities and that anyone who is yellow-slimy enough to attend this bloody display is a "ghoul".
Well, Grant, It's good to see that you have jumped on an issue. What's the matter? The Take-Pride calls have stopped?
Why do Tories think they can have it both ways? Less regulation or more regulation?
I don't want to debate the merits of MMA.
What I do want to debate is the questioning of holding these events in public run facilities like the Convention Center.
I don't support the Conservative Party of Canada (nor do 62% of Canadians) yet they were allowed to have their Federal Convention here! Can we just not ban the Conservative Party?
As far as being 'ghouls', well, as long as were not yellow-slimed ones I guess.

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