Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am rubber, you are glue...

I absolutely love starting my day off with news like this.
Remember when the Tory's were calling Jack Layton every name under the sun when Jack suggested we talk to the Taliban?
David Aikin posts a transcript from a media scrum on Parliament Hill yesterday, allow me to translate:

Reporter: Mr. Layton, your political opponents have been calling you "Taliban Jack". Now it looks like we've got "Taliban Barack Obama", "Taliban Stephen Harper". Are you getting some company on your side?

Layton: Well, I'm certainly pleased that the Prime Minister has come to accept the position we've advanced for quite some time now (Translation: In your face, Stevie! Once again I was right and you were wrong. You must be getting awfully tired of that. It happens so often now) that you've got to get involved in negotiations with elements of this insurgency known broadly as the Taliban because it's not a conflict that can ever be won militarily. Now that George Bush (Translation: That stupid redneck from the Republic of Texasville. I mean, that silly little man makes Chuck Norris look sane) is gone from the White House and Barack Obama is there, maybe these arguments have been a little more persuasive on our Prime Minister. (Translation: Maybe, but I certainly will not hold my breath. Tory's talk a lot but rarely will thhey act in the best interest of Canada, just the banks.)

This is what the NDP does best, gives a voice to those who can't speak up for themselves. Glad I could help, Jack.

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  1. "Tory's talk a lot but rarely will thhey act in the best interest of Canada, just the banks"

    It's happening up there as well? It's a worldwide epidemic... wtf happened to our "elected officials" (aka: "public servants") working in our best interests? Truly BS.

    That psycho-boy bush is finally gone, praise God...

    I guess it's up to the rest of us now ;)