Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mary Agnes Welch Hates Democracy

In her latest Blog, Mary Agnes asks why the Tory's and Liberals can't just get together to defeat the big, bad NDP. Hmmm....let's it because both parties share the same ideology and only the NDP represents the best interests of the community? I would suggest yes. Sure, there are some issues of contention currently (Disraeli, infrastructure, graffitti, destruction of Community facilities) but those are civic issues that have been neglected by our Mayor and his lackeys. Yes, the Province can come up with the money but I hardly blame the NDP government fo not picking up funding shortfalls when Shammy Katz cuts business taxes and supports Triple P projects that will bankrupt our city!
Mary Agnes, put the blame where it rightly belongs, at the feet of the Mayor, not at a political party that is supported by the residents of Elmwood.
There have been 3 MLA's in the history of Elmwood. All have been CCF/NDP'ers and the 4th will be be no different because that's what people in Elmwood want. Myself included.

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