Thursday, March 19, 2009


1.) Congratulations to John Orlikow, new City Councillor for River Heights.
It's good to have another 'comrade' in the courtyard.
2.) That being said, since when did 'socialist' become such a swear word for the right? Making sure our communities are sustainable, believing in people before profit and denouncing greed are BAD things? I think NOT!
3.) AIG gave bonuses to upper management with taxpayers money and people are surprised? I'm not surprised in the least. These oinkers didn't get rich by spending their own money. The privatization of profit and socialization of losses is a common them in capitalism. The only thing that disapoints me is that they are only having 90% of the bonuses taxed backed. It should be 125%+
4.) Ken Klassen made a fantastic presentation to EPC yesterday in regards to the Kenaston Big Box expansion project. When I get some video, I will post some tidbits of him punking out Sam from here to kingdom come. It made me smile!
5.)Listen...I know there is water in your backlane and I know 311 sucks. We are working on both.

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